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    Posted by : DartDesign on | Jan 20,2022

    Retail store design and retail branding strategies may look like separate entities at first glance but one of them can’t be properly tackled without considering the other. The store design is just a

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  • What strategies can I use to improve in PTE repeat sentences
    Posted by : Prajakta on | Aug 21,2021

    The PTE Academic, Speaking section, repeat sentence may be given trouble to many. In this section, you will listen to an audio sentence in English and you have to repeat it back correctly once you ha

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  • how to play chess
    Posted by : rvsingh on | Apr 28,2021

     Learn how the pieces move. Every type of piece moves differently. Here are the names of every piece and how they move (with a few exceptions, that will be covered in a bit): The pawn: T

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  • The Game Of Volleyball Explained
    Posted by : Kavinesh Arumugam on | Aug 07,2020

    Volleyball is a very exciting sports game, loved by millions of people. It often takes the backseat among other popular sports like soccer or basketball, but volleyball is equally attractive and comp

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  • India Becomes First Nation togetFour Successive Innings Wins in Test Cricket
    Posted by : Kavinesh Arumugam on | Nov 28,2019

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  • Popularity of Cricket in India
    Posted by : Kavinesh Arumugam on | Feb 03,2019

    Introduction             In the past few decades, there were many popular trends that have come and go in India. There were many forms of enter

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  • Improve Your Branding With These 5 Outdoor Advertising Ideas
    Posted by : Rashmi on | Nov 23,2018

    Improving social presence is the best way to reach out to the audience today. While companies put all their efforts on building social media strategies, they forget about offline branding. This often

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  • Types of Outdoor Adverts You Must Know For Better Branding
    Posted by : Rashmi on | Nov 23,2018

    In the world of digital and online marketing, a banner or a sticker ad might seem like an outdated idea. But this highly underrated traditional method of advertisement is much more than you think. &n

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  • r amp
    Posted by : Anita Rai on | Apr 29,2015

    Mothers have always held a special place in our societal and family structures for thousands of years. Unlike fatherhood, which can be said to be an indirect relationship, motherhood is a natural and

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  • The Smart Salesman
    Posted by : Taazakhabar News on | Apr 20,2015

    For long we have celebrated the power of packaging as ‘the Silent Salesman.’ Across retail shelves around the world, brands have relied on the effectiveness of their carefully designed packages to co

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