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  • A Brief History of the Powerball Lottery in India
    Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Jun 28,2023

    In recent years, the Powerball Lottery has gained significant popularity worldwide, including in India. This article delves into the fascinating history of the Powerball Lottery in India, tracing its

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    Posted by : kalyanjewellers on | Aug 05,2019

    Jewellery through the agesJewellery has found a place in the hearts of men and women alike, for their beauty, grace and enormous value. They are pieces of art, mouthpieces of tradition and serve as a

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  • Numismatics A profitable hobby
    Posted by : Siddharth Jalan on | Nov 27,2018

    Talk about numismatics, or the hobby of collecting coins, and the image of school going child collecting coins of different countries from his parents or relatives visits to foreign countries comes t

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  • History Of Indian Paintings
    Posted by : shivani on | Jun 16,2017

    The history of Indian paintings has a lot of wealth for people to enjoy and live. For the usual humid climate in India, the preservation of paintings was difficult as other art forms. Some of the ear

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  • Fought for Civil Rights
    Posted by : Woman In India on | Feb 26,2015

    In 1955, city buses in Montgomery, Alabama, were segregated. Blacks had to sit in a separate section of the bus and give up their seat if a white person wanted it. One day, Rosa Parks refused to move

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