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  • ERP Fundamentals in 2022 What Is It How Does It Work
    Posted by : ITBirbal on | May 06,2022

    The history of ERP systems commenced with material requirements planning (MRP) systems in the 1960s, that helped manufacturers manage raw materials procurement and delivery to the production faciliti

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  • How AI and Machine Learning Is Transforming the Transportation Industry
    Posted by : Maitrey Trivedi on | Jan 07,2022

    The role of AI and machine learning in transportation can be summarised as faster, more efficient, cheaper, and cleaner transportation. The way we transport goods and passengers is transforming, than

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  • Harmful Effect of Plastic over Human Beings and Animals
    Posted by : Pratanu Banerjee on | Sep 09,2021

    The researchers have come across pollution on the land along with waterways. It had small effect over the change of climate. It had some effect on the utilization of land in comparison to the bags. T

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  • முட்டாள்கள் தின வரலாறு
    Posted by : Mithran on | Apr 01,2021

    ஆதியில் இங்கு எல்லோருக்கும் எல்லாமும் என்றுதான் தொடங்கியது. பறித்துக்கொண்டவன் பறிகொடுத்தவனுக்கு வைத்த பெயர் முட்டாள். பறிகொடுத்தவன் பறித்துக் கொண்டவனுக்கு வைத்தப் பெயர் புத்திசாலி. இருந்தாலும் முட்

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  • Five Global Changes COVID 19 May Bring About
    Posted by : Ramachandra Reddy on | Mar 28,2020

    At a time when humanity, with its mind-boggling achievements in various fields, is marching ahead like a juggernaut, trampling all other creatures and destroying the mother earth, there appeared a pa

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  • Judicial Police Reforms The Need of the Hour
    Posted by : MANU SHARMA on | Sep 26,2019

    Complaining is what we as public have learned to do & asking questions to society's problems has become an overall fashion. Today as a member of the same complaining & questioning society, I

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  • 3 Reasons Why People Fail at New Year s Resolutions
    Posted by : hridoy ahmed on | Jul 04,2019

    Еасh уеаr оn Јаnuаrу 1st, а lаrgе sеgmеnt оf thе рорulаtіоn thіnk thеу bесоmе suреr-асhіеvеrs аnd Gоаl-Ѕеttеrs. Тhеу "sеt" Νеw Yеаr's Rеsоlutіоns, fіrmlу (sоrt оf) іntеndіng tо сhаngе thеіr lіvеs. Ѕо

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  • Swine Flu is here Are we ready to fight it
    Posted by : pooja kumari on | Feb 05,2019

    Background:- The H1N1 Virus also is known as Swine Flu, over the past decade has spread over a wide geographical area. In June 2009 WHO declared Swine Flu as a pandemic. The H1N1 virus acquired a gl

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  • DevOps Where to Start
    Posted by : elena jessi on | Jan 10,2019

    DevOps:Where to Start? Let’s start with “What is DevOps?” DevOps is neither a process nor a tool or not even a methodology. It is basically a culmination of behaviors,community,culture and technica

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  • Ingredients of a successful and peaceful life
    Posted by : Taaza Khabar News on | Jan 23,2016

    Life is a divine gift of God given to us to transform ourselves in such a way that we always feel respect for ourselves If we transform our life in such a way that we live with harmony with nature, w

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