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Youngsters complete Mount Everest summit

Posted by : shivani on | Jun 07,2017

Youngsters complete Mount Everest summit

Students and youth in social protection and youth services have successfully completed the summit of Mount Everest.

On June 4, Trade Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu congratulated the group for a program in Hyderabad.


"They came from normal families and managed to be great, and I congratulate them for taking this historic step." Being students and society on a slope, they have reached the top, it is a great success, "said Naidu .


Speaking to ANI, Team Head Coach Shekhar Babu said: "This is the first time that an Indian team has opened the road to the top of the North Road and especially this season, When they were trained at 21,000 feet, trained mentally and physically, and they had to cross corpses in some places. "


A group of 19 youths started their summit, but only 14 of them succeeded in finishing the summit.


"We want to channel their energies to do good things. We want these young people to think that if they have climbed Everest, they can achieve anything in the world," said Komal Kishore, To the youth.


A climber Bharath said: "We have received the support of the government and we thank them for that. They have passed Rs. 30 lakh on each person and we thank them for it."


The group took six months of training and began the summit on April 8 (ANI).